Real Time Customer Engagement Platform for the Travel Industry

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Elysia's one-on-one marketing and merchandising platform empowers travel marketers to:

Drive Higher Conversions

Elysia delivers exactly what visitors are looking for at the first point of contact.

Increase Revenues Per Customer

We analyze each visitor’s unique interests and needs and re-engage them through their journey with contextual offers.

Foster Customer Engagement

We enable businesses to create exciting and delightful experiences that exceed customer expectation through deep insights from our analysis.

Real-Time Personalization

We deliver tailored product recommendations at the first point of contact through our recommender engine, made for the travel industry. Our data-driven approach learns your product catalogue, and instantly captures customer’s intent and interests to serve the most relevant offerings for each traveler.

Customer Intelligence

Our deep insights on visitors and guests allow you to get to know your customers’ unique preferences and needs, making it easier to re-engage them on their journey with the most relevant campaigns and calls to action.


Our analytics drive strategic goals and automate marketing decisions through an in-depth analysis of shopping pattern. Elysia uses individual interests and product performance to make informed recommended actions that optimize performance and maximize impact.

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